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Little Linda

Little Linda

Linda with Lucille Ball

Lucille & Linda (in life)


Me now

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Hi my name is Linda.


When I was very young, I realized that I had the gift to be able to sense and communicate with the dead. At first, this was unnerving, but in time, I realized that most spirits are not here to do harm. Often times, they simply wanted to be acknowledged  and communicate with the world that they no longer were a part of.


Back in the day I was a professional celebrity photographer, photographing many of the legends of Hollywood. When I was capturing the stars receiving their stars on the walk of fame…. little did I know I would encounter their ghosts many years later.

Since I have become a professional paranormal investigator..I have been brought into people's homes and businesses to help figure out experiences they've had that they don't understand or can't explain. I  have been featured on several television shows and worked as a paranormal expert for TV and films.


I started this ghost hunting tour to bring the ghost hunting experience to more people. People who may or may not have experience with the paranormal; people who are interested in learning more about ghost hunting from an experienced ghost hunter; or people who simply want to have a fun time exploring Hollywood in a way they may not have thought possible.

When I began this tour, I really didn't know what I would find. However, since then, one thing is very clear; Hollywood Boulevard is very haunted! So, come along and experience the Hollywood nightlife like you never have before.

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*No guarantees of paranormal activity or ghost sightings.


What can we say? Sometimes the only spirits that show up are
in liquid form.

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