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 As seen on the Ellen DeGeneres Show!

Hi and welcome my name is Linda. I have been a ghost hunter for 15 years.

Recently I had the honor of working with the Ellen DeGeneres show to 

to figure out if her producers Ellen's house was haunted. Andy the executive producer joined us. (Click the picture above to see what happened.) To sum it up we got enough scientific proof to say for sure it is a haunted house. Thank you all the cast and crew!


For a list of service's click here.

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Have a question? Visit my frequently asked questions page or shoot me an email.

What people are saying about 'Ghost Hunting with Linda'!

"Linda's Ghost hunting tour was so much fun. She is so passionate about what she does. She made the tour fun!! She knew exactly where to go and where not to go. It was my first time in Hollywood and I was a bit scared of being in Hollywood at first but after a few minutes I felt safe with Linda, I definitely want to do another tour again. Thanks again Linda" - Cordiella (June 2019)

lucy and linda.jpg

"Hanging out with Linda was fantastic, we got to experience more than I anticipated and I feel I better understand why she is so passionate about ghost hunting. Everyone was included and it felt like we were with old friends. Thanks again Linda, Steve, Milly & Jo." - Steven (July 2019)

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*No guarantees of paranormal activity or ghost sightings.


What can we say? Sometimes the only spirits that show up are
in liquid form.

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