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TV - Media Appearances

Ellen DeGeneres Show (March 18 2021) 

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She's Back :Queen Mary (May 18, 2021)

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TFIL : Cecil Hotel (April 29,2021)Pasadena Haunted Bridge (October 2020)

Heading 4

 Unus Annus my first You tube show!
My second highest rated show!!! 

My Ghost Story (2014) Bio Channel

Linda on Mom's Movie Review
Discover Hollywood Fall 2019
discover hgollywood front copy.jpg
DH Fall 2019 Final Single Page16
Ghost Magnet with Bridget  2020
(before we started the interview door behind me opened)
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Screen Sh2001.jpg
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*No guarantees of paranormal activity or ghost sightings.


What can we say? Sometimes the only spirits that show up are
in liquid form.